Crowdsourced Weather Modeling

Forecast Clash is a severe weather targeting platform designed for use by anyone with an understanding of weather models. The goal is to set a target for severe weather, including wind, hail​,​ and tornadoes for any point in t​he U.S., out to ​Day 3​. Submitted targets are combined to produce a​ dynamic​ ​threat​ and intensity​ output that​ is completely human-driven​.

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Setting a Target

Browse your favorite weather models, then pick a target based on your experience and understanding of the weather scenario. Set a radius around the target to indicate your confidence level in the pick. You may change your target at any time ​prior to 7pm CST on the day of the event.


T​argets picked further from the event date ​earn​ more points. ​Forecast confidence points​ can also be earned​ by setting a radius around your target. Finally, points are awarded based on how far ​your pick is​, geographically​,​ from a reported severe weather event. Points are tracked on global and filtered leaderboards​ and are tallied everyday at 7pm CST.​


Scoring is performed daily based on official Storm Prediction Center reports. Only targets picked that have a weather type that meets or exceeds severe criteria will be awarded points. Severe criteria are met when a thunderstorm report includes hail that is at least 1 inch in diameter or larger, and/or wind gusts of 58 mph or greater, and/or a tornado.​ ​


​Teaming allows targeting and scoring to occur within smaller subsets of users. Teams are perfect for contests, organizational or classroom applications.

The Platform

Forecast Clash is a privately funded project created to better understand human weather modeling. If you have questions, comments or ideas, we’re all ears.

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